Vacationers urged to insist on fair treatment on buses

Vacationers might become victims of money hungry bus operators and others who jack up their prices at this time of year.

That is the word from the price regulating agency. The agency has no control over a supermarket operator who puts a 75 percent holiday surcharge on sardines, a traditional Semana Santa dish.

But bus fares are controlled by the Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos, and charging extra or changing the terms of service is a violation, the agency said Monday.

Even if a bus company wants to run extra buses, reduce the passenger load or change the schedule, approval is needed from the agency, it said.

The same is true with taxis, said the agency. The fare is the same day or night, although a new regulation requires that passengers be charged for tolls. However, fares for urban and rural taxies are slightly different.

Anyone who thinks he or she has been shortchanged by a taxi or a bus driver can make a complaint by telephone. The number is 8000-273737, and the Autoridad said that the lines will be open through Semana Santa.

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