We are the stewards of the creation of God

Max Jackson is unfairly and incorrectly putting all Conservative Christians in one box by saying we all will never believe that humans contribute to global warming.  I am one of a multitude of conservative Christians who definitely believe that all humans must be good stewards of God’s creation and we are not doing so by over using and abusing natural resources.  Most followers of Christ believe that we should be in harmony (love) with all of life, and that means working to bring Gods reign of perfect unity and pure love to all mankind and all of nature.

“Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done” are words from the prayer Jesus taught us.  When we ask for that, we are supposed to believe that it will be granted to us but that may and most probably will be through our own efforts as God’s heart, hands, and voice in the world of today.

Religion, as I know it, is not anti-science. Nor is faith in Christ Jesus.  Science is a way of helping us understand God’s great universal creation.  Both are powerful, both are meaningful, and, in my opinion, both are important. Both explains in different ways.  Intelligent and open-minded people can dialogue in a meaningful way on any subject if mutual love and respect are present.

For Christians, this world is not our home.  However while here, we all need to learn from each other and other species that for our survival and in order to help advance God’s reign we must not only adapt to our environment but must leave the part of the world we touch while here a better place than when we first arrived.  The task is gargantuan and the forces against bringing true love and harmony are powerful indeed.  But we only have to connect to God, the creator, in our efforts.  God has the power to transform the previously unimaginable. Let there be love, and let it begin with us.

Thomas Ghormley H.
Playa Jacó
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