Beer festival organizers seek to transform the drinking culture here

Costa Rica Craft Brewing, the Cartago firm that produces several types of beer favored by expats, plans its second annual beer brewing festival in conjunction with the Club de Cerveceros Caseros y Artesanales de Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a land dominated by one major brewer, and Costa Rica craft brewing has made inroads into the market with its distinctive products.

Peter Gilman, the brewery’s general manager said in a release that the beer festival, which will be at Avenida Escazú April 20, is trying to reshape the beer culture in the way that an influx of imported wines did for that market in the last 10 years.

The company also has announced plans to move to Santa Ana this year.

The announcement promises that there will be many types of beer available at the festival, including beer made from wheat, toasted malts and even some made from mango and other organic products. There even is a brew that has been aged in oak casks for a year, said the release.

The event will include some discussion and lecture sessions.

There is a 15,000-colon fee for attending.

The release also mentioned two other microbrewers that have gone into operation. They were identified as Treintaycinco and Costa Rica Meadery, which makes a drink from honey. Two brewpubs will show their products. They were identified as Volcano Brewing from Arenal and Bribri Springs from the Caribbean coast. Other microbrews are in the process of opening, said the release.

Gilman noted beer’s rich history and said that his firm seeks to replace the culture that emphasized drinking to excess with a respect for beer that emphasizes appreciation of the product.

The beer festival has its own Web site.

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