Caja officials say they are not about to raise the retirement age

The good news is that officials at the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social say they are not about to raise the age at which workers can retire,

The bad news is that they said “at this moment.”

A pension is one of the benefits of paying into the Caja system, which also provides a disability or death benefit and medical care. But the Caja is in a financial crisis, and some have suggested that the pension system is, too.

However, the head of the pensions department, José Luis, Quesada Martínez, and Luis Guillermo López Vargas head of the Dirección Actuarial, deny that.

The system has 180,000 participants who eventually will expect a pension.

Although expats who obtain residency are required to affiliate with the Caja, many are of the age where that are not eligible for a pension, so their monthly payment is adjusted downwards slightly.

The United States has changed the retirement age for Social Security benefits based on a scale that reflects the year of birth. The younger the worker, the longer they have to work.

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