Crowd planning to appear to support maritime law

Some 2,000 persons are due to show up at the legislature today to press for approval of a law to protect coastal dwellers.

This is the Ley de Territorios Costeros Comunitarios that would supplant a two-year moratorium on evictions that the Laura Chinchilla administration has issued.

The measure is important to those living in the maritime zone without official permission. These may be individuals whose families have lived there for years.

A spokesperson said that at least 250 persons could be evicted if the measure is not passed. That may be a low estimate.

For example in communities like Montezuma on the Nicoya peninsula, much of the business zone is within the maritime zone. Residents there have been unhappy because the municipal council of Cóbana is promoting a zoning plan that would see the demolition of many structures.

A legislative commission has reported out the proposed law, and now the decision rests with the full legislature.

This year is a runup to presidential elections in 2014, so the issue is being politicized.

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