Electrical rates going up due to higher fuel costs

Not only motorists are heavy users of petroleum products. Plenty of the imported petroleum is used to fire thermal generators of electricity.

That is why the Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos Wednesday approved an increase of from one colon to four colons per kilowatt hour for electrical users. The rate depends on the company servicing the customers.

The charge is passed up to the principal generating agency, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.  The company says it has to use more fuel oil in the dry season when the levels of lakes used for hydro generating are low.

The rate per kilowatt hour that will be charged customers ranges from 70 colons in Cartago to 91 colons in San Carlos, said the price regulating agency.

Costa Rica has declined to allow exploration for petroleum on the national territory, so all such fuel is imported.

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