Free concert in Santa Ana features symphonic orchestra

The Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional will present a free concert tonight on the Santa Ana football field as part of the X Festival Nacional de las Artes. For the occasion, organizers will transform the field with a large stage that will house the musicians.

The national orchestra will entertain the crowd with a varied musical repertoire that includes “Obertura Festiva” by Costa Rican composer Vinicio Meza, “Suite Estancia” by Argentinean Alberto Ginastera and “New World Symphony,” the third and fourth movement, by Czech Antonín Dvorak.

Eddie Mora of Costa Rica will serve as the guest director for the orchestra.

“In this presentation for the national art festival we will play varied universal works,” said Mora. “It is a combination that the audience can enjoy, because it is a very energetic and active program. This is part of a larger project, that consists and will culminate with a record with Costa Rican music under my leadership.”

This is the first time the orchestra will play “Festive Overture.” Meza, the piece’s composer, premiered the work in 2012. He also plays clarinet for the group.

“This piece has a truly festive feel,” he said. “It is like a semblance of marching bands, at least in principle, which is also called as a fanfare. I am very proud this music will be performed by the national symphony orchestra to be shared with the public.”

The concert will take place on a stage located in the southern sector of the Santa Ana football field, opposite the church at 7 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

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