Junk yard operators provide firm link to home invaders

Judicial Investigating Organization photo Agents check out car parts in Palmares

Investigators have a good lead to the identities of a gang of home invaders because they have found vehicles stolen in three such crimes.

Agents tracked a Mitsubishi that was robbed during a home invasion last April 11. The vehicle ended up at a junk yard in  Buenos Aires de Palmares, where a surveillance was set up.  However, agents said that the operators of the junk yard realized they were being watched and they tried to ditch the vehicle in a nearby coffee plantation.

A subsequent raid turned up two more vehicles that had been reported in such home robberies, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The April 11 home invasion was in Hacienda Vieja de Orotina where three masked men broke into the home and threatened the occupants before taking valuables and the vehicle.

Home invasions appear to be the crime of choice now because there is seldom any resistance and crooks get to loot entire homes.

The junk yard operators are not being charged with being part of the robbery. They face allegations of receiving stolen goods. Agents certainly will ask them where they obtained the vehicles.

Agents recovered the Mitsubishi, which only had a radio missing.

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