More wind and less rain predicted for most of country

The atmospheric pressure is picking up in the Caribbean, so there is less chance of major downpours today than there was Monday when weather experts issued an alert.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that there was a chance of isolated showers today in the Caribbean and the northern zone. More wind is predicted on the Pacific coast today with seasonal hot temperatures. That means there still is a chance of downpours in the central and south Pacific.

The Central Valley is expected to be windy, too, in the morning with possible isolated showers in the afternoon.

The weather institute warned of heavy rains Monday but they did not materialize in the Central Valley, although the sky was cloudy and rumbly.

Expats have little time now to protect their computers. For most that means unplugging the devices when there is a thunderstorm. That is true also for other electronic devices. Although there are many devices that can direct electric surges to ground instead of to delicate electronic machines, lightning picks its own direction.

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