New concrete roadway lasted less than four years in city

A.M. Costa Rica/Kayla Pearson Some workmen relax to enjoy the view of the Paseo de las Damas and its new concrete coat.

All that traffic in the back streets of northeast San José is there because the Paseo de las Damas is closed for repairs.

The street, which also is known as Avenida 3, got a new cement roadway in 2009. Quickly the concrete began to fall apart because the base of the roadway was not adequate.   Now it will take 35 million colons ($70,000) at least to remedy the problem.

Traffic was a mess for the months that the street was being rejuvenated from the Estación al Atlántico to Parque Morazán in the heart of the capital.

The result was so elegant that there were newspaper featured articles about the successful project that cost 400 million colons or about $800,000.

That was before the roadway started to fall apart. City officials said that the street only will be closed for six weeks this time.

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