Pageantry of procession and drums sent shivers through some

Photo by Ken Beedle Worshipers dressed as Roman soldiers in Cartago guard a recreation of the Hill of Calvary where Christ died.

The weather cooperated fully as Semana Santa pageantry took place under clear and sometimes cloudy skies.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with processions originating from just about every church in the country. Some were at night lighted by torches.

Others, like the resurrection procession Sunday were in the full light of day.

The Good Friday procession that brought a statue of Jesus to a recreated hill of execution in Cartago included dozens of Roman soldiers.

One resident confessed that “in the past we had taken the time to spend as most Ticos, on the beach.  I was impressed with the proceedings.  The drummers sent shrivers through me.”

He was particularly impressed by drums.  “What was really impactful was the thundering of drums and the slow march of the participants to their cadence,” he said.

“It reminded me of the procession in the funeral march of JFK.  It was so solemn.  The thousands lining the street went quiet so the only thing heard were the drums and occasional bugles.  It took one hour to cover the kilometer from the Cathedral Santiago Apostol.”

The events were a dream come true for photographers.

Photo by Ken Beedle In Cartago a statue of Christ carrying the cross is preceded by Romans. One carries a sign that says Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Photo by Daniel Woodall In San José, a live actor takes the part of one of the thieves who were crucified with Christ. He carries a sign that calls him a latro, Latin and modern Italian for crook.

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