Proposed gun law seen encouraging the black market

Lawmakers heard Thursday that a proposed strict firearms licensing law would only encourage the existing black market in guns.

That was the opinion of Ramón Lamboglia Castillo, president of the Asociación de Reservistas, an organization of the volunteer branch of the Fuerza Pública.

In addition, a spokesman for the security industry urged the proposals to restrict the types of weapons that would be owned be loosened.

Both men were talking to the Comisión Permanente Especial de Seguridad y Narcotráfico, which is considering bill No. 18050 that has been put forth by the administration.

Lamboglia said that the current draft would create a difficult path for those who wish to acquire a permit to carry a firearm and encourage activities in a black market. The current procedure is time consuming.

He assured lawmakers that there exists in Costa Rica a great number of places where someone would acquire firearms without official permits and that the proposed law would only provide an incentive for this parallel market.

Allan García, vice president of the Asociación de Empresas de Seguridad, said he believed that the county would have a modern firearms law but that what is passed should not restrict the types of weapons available. He also said that the restrictions would create a black market.

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