Rape near Jacó continues to be reported under study

Investigators still have not arrested two teens suspected of raping a woman in Pueblo Nuevo outside of Jacó 20 days ago.

According to the Judicial Investigating Organization, a 23-year-old Costa Rican woman was walking down the street when she was attacked and raped by her two teenage neighbors March 27. The victim is deaf and mute, they said.

The suspects are 17 and 18 years old, and have no prior crimes recorded, said agents. Neighbors said that they still might be suspects in a prior forcible rape case.

A judicial spokesperson said that the two would remain free until investigators could fully study the case. It is unknown how long this will take, they said. Neighbors have expressed concern that the suspects still are free. Despite the woman’s disabilities, she is reported able to communicate with investigators and has identified the suspects, neighbors said.

In addition, some wondered why an 18-year-old would be treated as a juvenile.

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