Road safety officials to unveil video game for kids

Teaching the young about road safety and courtesy is so important that traffic officials are bringing in the video gamers.

The character Danny Moreno is the star of a computer video game that will be unveiled today in La Sabana. The game has 11 scenarios now and is designed to accept many more. There are 18 skill levels. Although Danny has the nickname of El Geko, it’s still unclear if he really is a lizard.

Even though children are the main target of the educational game, anyone can play, said the Consejo  de Seguridad Vial.

The game is the product of the Costa Rican video game firm of CanNu Arts, which promised to provide a download for desktop computers running Windows on its Facebook page.

The 3-D game is free and puts youngsters in the driver’s seat and presents them with real traffic situations

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