Scouts want to protect their dedicated payments

As with most nations, citizens pay a number of hidden taxes and never give them a second thought.

Such is the case in Costa Rica where there are a number of dedicated taxes that do not go into the general fund but go to a specific agency or organization.

That is why representatives of the Asociación de Guías y Scout were at the legislature Thursday to complain that the new traffic law reduced the amount that the organization received from the annual road tax.

Hardly any expat realizes that he or she was supporting the scouts each year with a marchamo payment. But it is not only the scouts. Lawmakers have dedicated part of the road tax payment to senior citizen groups and even wildlife.

The representatives of the scouts explained to the Comisión Permanente de Asuntos Sociales that half the young membership comes from the middle and lower classes in the Central Valley and that the organization gives a full accounting of its expenditures each year to the Contraloría General de la República.

Carlos Jiménez Sandi, representing the scouts, said the organization would like the percentage allocated to it restored. The Scouts used to get about 1,700 colons from each road tax payment. Now the organization gets just 1,000, about $2.

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