She found back relief at a specialized clinic

I think my medical experience is newsworthy.   I only wish I had read about the described process so much earlier!

I discovered I had a sciatica nerve condition that caused me great pain for months.  I went to an orthopedic doctor/surgeon who recommended a pain management doctor. I had a spinal injection (recommended by this doctor), as an outpatient, full anesthetic given, and expensive.  No results.

I found through my sister who used to be a nurse, a Web site describing a clinic that treated spinal/back conditions.  I went to a doctor at Hospital CIMA who reviewed my MRI and x-rays and said I was a good candidate for this special therapy using a machine that stretches the spin (only DRX9000 machine in Costa Rica is at this clinic, and the machine is made in the U.S.).  The doctor recommended the full 22 sessions.  After 12 sessions my excruciating pain stopped.  I continued with the sessions to be safe.

I can remember being in such pain and crying and hating to take pain pills.  I want to share my story because there are so many people with similar conditions, also.

Herniated disks, that can find pain relief.  It is sad that more doctors don’t recommend this method and no need to say why or ponder that thought!

Here is the Web site of the spine clinic;

Linda Gray
Playas del Coco
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