Slight reduction planned in prices of motor fuels

Super gasoline will drop 28 colons a liter while plus will go down 22 colons, according to prices announced Monday by the nation’s regulating agency.

Diesel will drop 12 colons.

There are similar decreases in aviation gasoline, jet fuel and liquid petroleum gas.

The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos said the decreased were a result of changes in the international market. Petroleum prices have gone down.

The prices become effective when they are published in the La Gaceta official newspaper.

The new prices represent a 21-cent decrease in the price of super, from $6.88 a gallon to 5.67. Plus will go from $5.53 a gallon to $5.36, a decrease of 17 cents a gallon. Diesel goes from $4.99 a gallon to $4.89, a reduction of 9.2 cents when not rounded off to the nearest cent.

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