Sunday morning raid nets nine and 901 kilos of cocaine

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo This is the home where agents conducted the raid Sunday.

Anti-drug agents have taken over what appears to have been a drug distribution center in Quepos.

They detained a total of nine individuals, including four Colombians. They confiscated more than 900 kilos of cocaine, close to a ton.

The house is in Villas Pájaro Azul, about a kilometer from the Catholic church in Quepos.  There agents said they found the bulk of the drugs, much of it under beds in the home.

The security ministry attributed the raid and arrests to a citizen’s telephone call to the confidential anti-drug line.

Agents said they nabbed two persons carrying what appeared to be cocaine hidden in vehicles that had left the home Sunday.

A vehicle operated by a 48-year-old man from Panamá with the last names of Estribi Martínez was stopped, and agents found 50 kilos of cocaine, they said. A second vehicle, operated by a man from Nicaragua with Costa Rican residency yielded an additional 50 kilos, agents said. The second man was identified by the last names of Chavarría Norori.

Agents speculated that the drugs had come from Colombia by sea and were taken to shore by small boats. Some of the cocaine was for the local market and for distributors in adjacent countries, while some was for transport to the United States, agents said.

Agents detained four persons inside the home when they conducted the 7 a.m. raid. They were identified by the last names of Chacón Sánchez, Correa Badof, Rodríguez Narváez and Gómez Muñoz. All but Chacón was identified as a Colombian.

In a related action, agents detained a vehicle containing three persons. Detained were men with the last names of Vázquez Solís, a Colombian, Norori Arias, a Nicaraguan and Seas Romero, a Costa Rican.

Some 20 members of the Policía de Control de Drogas participated in the raid and arrests. They said the cocaine was 901 kilos.

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