Three electronic stations are in service checking truck weights

The nation’s road agency has installed three electronic weigh stations to catch drivers operating overweight trucks.

Two are set up at Búfalo de Limón on Ruta 32, and one is at Cañas on the Interamericana Norte.

The system weighs trucks as they drive onto a short detour, takes a photo of the license plate, measures the width and height of the truck and diverts it if the system senses the vehicle is over weight.   Radiográfica Costarricense, the Internet company, is participating in the project.

The fine for an overweight vehicle is 94,000 colons, and the truck is detained until some of its cargo can be unloaded. That is about $190.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad  said that overweight vehicles are a principal reason why the roads are beat up.

Eventually similar stations will be set up at Ochomogo between San José and Cartago and at Esparza, said the Consejo.

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