Three men and a woman held in home burglaries

Judicial Investigating Organization photo A 27-year-old woman is led to a waiting car after her arrest in San Sebastián.

Judicial agents detained Tuesday three men and a woman as suspects in a string of home burglaries in the Moravia area.

Agents conducted raids in San Sebastián, Hatillo 8 and Alajuela to make the arrests.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said agents found what looked like police uniforms at the homes of the suspects, as well as ski masks.

In most cases, the crimes in Moravia and nearby areas took place when no one was in the invaded home.

Agents said they were working on the case for several months and could list 11 cases where the individuals are suspects.

A 37-year-old man and his 27-year-old female companion were detained in San Sebastián, said agents. Another suspect is 57, and another is 25.

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