U.S. role in Latin America far worse than that of Iran

Your article on the claimed fusion of “terrorists” and drugs portrays the U.S. government as the protector of Latin America. There are many here who would point to the past century and more of U.S. involvement in terrorist regimes that slaughtered thousands of innocent people throughout the entire hemisphere.

There are those, too, who see the current massive and lethal drug industry in Latin America as being a direct result of draconian U.S. drug policies. Do not forget that the population of U.S. citizens incarcerated in its own jails and prisons numbers in the millions — more than in any other country in the world, both in sheer numbers and relative to population size. And consider the secondary gain the drug industry brings to the U.S. The military-industrial-correctional industries are fueled by monies dedicated to fighting this war of its own making.

Do not forget that U.S. prison populations are overwhelmingly minorities — blacks and Latinos — and that many are imprisoned today for decades for crimes as minor as stealing a pair of socks, or a pizza. Remember how many graduates from the School of the Americas, the U.S.-run training ground for oppressive regimes, have imposed authoritarian will on the people here in Latin America. Look at how the U.S.-inspired drug war is filling Latin American prisons.

The Bible talks about casting the beam from one’s own eyes before talking about the splinter in the neighbor’s. Compare the harm the U.S. has wrought on Latin America to the supposed harm Iran is causing. Count how many Iranian warships are poised off our shores. Count how many Latinos have been slaughtered by terrorist Latin military under Iranian domination.

John French
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