Vietnam vet is unhappy with portrayal in column

I don’t know your reason to have such a low opinion of former military.  When I returned home from Vietnam,  I didn’t experience the humiliation of being spat upon as I entered the terminal, but the disgust that I felt as I read of this happening to my fellow servicemen was overwhelming.  I haven’t felt that emotion in a long time, until I read the column in today’s A.M. Costa Rica.

“There has been a new group of expats coming to Costa Rica. Many may be former military who are in possession of guns,” according to Ms. Stuart.  As a member of the American Legion, I would like to know where these former military members are located so they can attend our meetings.  Are we talking about the former military being in possession of guns?  I don’t know what information this is based upon, but of the number of expats who own guns, the former military, are the ones who are probably the ones who are most knowledgeable in the safe use of firearms.  “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  You are absolutely right in that!

According to Ms. Stuart, “some of these very people with guns, who probably could be called “rightists” to balance the teeter totter of political equilibrium, are also what are called ‘peppers’ or survivalists, who have built bunkers and collected provisions and artillery in the peaceful hills and mountains of Costa Rica” Again, I don’t know where you are getting your information.  I have no knowledge of former U.S. military, in Costa Rica, having bunkers in the peaceful hills and mountains but if there are any and they aren’t bothering anyone, why should anyone care?

Most of the veterans, “that is the proper term for those who have fought in wars and conflicts for the United States of America,”  that I know are people with children and grandchildren, and all they want is peace so that their loved ones won’t have to experience the sights, sounds, and sorrows of battle.

Your use of that wide brush to portray veterans in a bad light is personally repulsive. I don’t have to agree with what you believe and print, but many of my brothers and sisters have defended your right to your opinion, to their death.

Tom Branham
San Jose
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