Weather experts disagree on forecast for this afternoon

Parts of the Central Valley experienced the season’s first good gully washer Thursday afternoon, but experts disagree if there will be a similar rainy episode today.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said in a forecast that the the south and central Pacific would see the most instability today with a high chance of electrical storms. For the Central Valley the institute said the chance of rain was much lower.

The Weather Underground, A.M. Costa Rica’s service, estimated the chances of rain today in San Jose at 80 percent. But then the forecast becomes better for the weekend. The weather institute here noted that wind are increasing, and winds usually move the humidity away.

The Weather Underground said that there is a 20 percent chance of rain in San José Saturday and that Sunday might not see any rain. That should be good news for picnickers.

The western part of San José registered 49.4 millimeters, nearly one and a half inches, between 2 and 3 p.m. The downpour was so heavy that flight operations were hampered at Tobias Bolaños airport in Pavas. There also was lightning and thunder. and a few tree branches were knocked down.

As the weather institute noted in the forecast, the weather is in a state of change from the dry to the rainy season.

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