A hard-working candidate enters the campaign for lawmaker

An example of the Don Burro campaign.

What appears to be just another humorous dig critical of current lawmakers also appears to have a serious purpose.

The Internet is now the home of Don Burro, the deputadoor legislator. The character is a real burro or donkey.

With Costa Rican lawmakers in the cellar on confidence polls, one could jump to the conclusion that the Web page and Facebook page and even the occasional emails are simply calling lawmakers jackasses.  But that is not the case.

Don Burro (who does not need a car, gasoline or a driver) is the creation of a man identified as César Monge Conejo, an engineer.  He said that Don Burro has gained 19,000 votes on the Facebook page, far more than any other political party.

He also says on his own Web site that the idea is to maintain the burro as an exemplary citizen who represents the public with dignity in congress. He said the significance is that voters should be more demanding in the selection of their representatives and look for those with the virtues that characterize Don Burro. Instead of a blank ballot they should vote for Don Burro, the campaign says.

Monge notes that the burro or donkey has long been the symbol of the U.S. Democratic Party. He writes that the burro is a worker and had big ears to hear the constituency. Plus the burro has no clothes, so Don Burro is not hiding anything.

Internet records show that the donburrodiputado.com domain was created in February.

The humorous approach is probably one of the early efforts in what is now the campaign year for the February 2014 general elections.

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