Alajuela man facing allegation that he laundered drug money via credit cards

Judicial agents searched an Alajuela home Thursday at the same time that the occupant was being detained in Panamá. The man faces an allegation that he orchestrated an elaborate scheme to launder drug money from the United States.

The Poder Judicial identified the man by the last names of  Pérez Echeverría. The Costa Rican came to the attention of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency  when it dismantled a drug operation in New York and Philadelphia.

The case resulted in the confiscation of 100 kilos of cocaine and ecstasy tablets, said the Poder Judicial.

Agents for the organized crime section of the Judicial Investigating

Organization went to the home in Cerrillal de Alajuela and confiscated computers and machinery and supplies for fabricating credit cards.

According to the Poder Judicial, the man is accused of accepting money in amounts smaller than the $10,000 limit that requires reporting and then issuing pre-paid credit cards that he would send on to the final recipients of the money.

The man is the responsible party for corporations in the United States and some here which maintain bank accounts, said the Poder Judicial.

Agents in Panamá also were involved in the arrest.

Anti-drug investigators in the north were said to have been involved in this case since 2011.

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