ATM crooks use camera and clone victim’s cards

Investigators have evidence that a sophisticated ring of credit card thieves are working the Central Valley.

The ring uses what is known as a skimmer to obtain detailed credit card information.  The skimmer is placed in an automatic teller machine so that a victim’s credit card passes over it. The skimmer extracts the important data from the card, and the victim is probably unaware of what has happened.

But that is not enough. The gang also installs small cameras at the automatic tellers so that the crooks also can capture the keystrokes as the victim puts in a personal identification number.

Then the crooks use the skimmer data to clone the bank card. With the duplicate card and the victim’s PIN number, the crooks simply loot the bank account.

Investigators have made two arrests, but there probably are more members of the gang still at large.

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