Avoid fish, save whales, duck extensive pollution

The article about the 2-year-old baby whale that eventually died from being entangled in fishing gear is not uncommon and a very sad story to many of us. This problem can be lessened if we change some of our daily behaviors.

Of course it is obvious that the death of the whale was caused by gill nets.  As most of you are consumers of fish you are partly responsible for the death of this incredible beautiful behemoth.  What can we do to help alleviate the death of whales, dolphins and hundreds of other species of sea animals including sea turtles?   Make different choices of what fish to eat. That is the most approachable way to lessen the gill netting and long line industries.  Better yet remove fish from your diet as many have done.  You will have less of a mercury build up in your system, which is extremely toxic.

HERE is a list of fish to avoid so that you can help make a difference to save our oceans wildlife populations and ocean ecosystems.

Much of the fish caught and sold in Costa Rica is from the Gulf of Nicoya.  The gulf is polluted by the Tárcoles River which dumps much of the sewage water, including heavy metals, from San Jose and the Central Valley into the gulf.  The Tárcoles river is listed as the most polluted river in Costa Rica and Central America.  Much of the red snapper, corvina and shrimp are caught in the Gulf of Nicoya.

Help solve the problem and not be part of the problem.  Whale populations along with many other creatures of the sea are at an all time low because of our choices of seafood you eat.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona
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