Canadian, 42, murdered by Escazú home intruders

A Canadian expat died Thursday morning when armed men invaded the living quarters where he was talking with friends. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that his last name was Peering and that he was 42. Friends said he was Brad Deering.

Although the case looked like another home invasion, investigators also are considering the possibility that the two men came specifically to kill the Canadian. One intruder did that after Peering tried to escape. The Canadian ran from the home in the direction of a neighboring dwelling. Judicial agents said that one of the intruders caught up with him in the garden of the adjacent home. There the gunman shot Peering three times in the head.

The three friends who were tied up by the intruders appear to have escaped harm.

The four men were in a gated and guarded section of Guachipelín de Escazú. The two intruders showed up outside dressed in the uniform of a guard service. By trickery they managed to overcome the guard and tied him up. Then they entered the El Roble development. This was about 9:30 a.m., agents said.

There was no report of items being stolen, and agents were asking questions about the motive at the scene.

Daytime home invasions are unusual, although victims usually are threatened with death if they resist.

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