Crematory project died because ministry stalled

I totally agree with what Dan Gibson said in his letter. In 2011, I was dealing with the Ministry of Health in getting permission to open a new crematory in Costa Rica. It was an opportunity to bring the latest state-of-the-art equipment into the country, as the existing equipment at the time was antiquated, generated pollution, was very time consuming, and, very costly.

The new facility would offer an extremely low-cost option to the public, no pollution, and, the ability to have someone cremated and the cremains (ashes) returned to the family within two hours.

Various members of the Ministry of Health applauded and supported the concept, but, when it came to granting permission, they totally vacillated and came up with various stories as to why they were delaying.  Like other business people, I threw in the towel!  Many businesses will only benefit the public, offer new services, and, create jobs, but, it seems the present administration excels at dragging their feet.

If Costa Rica want to be progressive and see greater immigration, they need to realize that business is the key to achieving such.  This is a beautiful country with beautiful people, but, it must become more forward thinking, progressive and opportunistic.

Bruce Jacobs
New Jersey
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