Detergent study shows that some labels lack required data

All of the powdered detergent packages checked by economics ministry investigators contained the correct weight, but 53 percent of the samples lacked at least one part of the required label information.

That’s the result of another expedition into the marketplace by investigators of the  Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio. They issued a report Thursday.

The survey sampled 500-gram packages of brand detergents at Central Valley chain supermarkets in early March. The weight is 1.1 pounds. The detergents were Fab, Rinso, Xedex, Ariel, Suli, 123, Rendidor, bitq genérico, Fort 3, Surf, Unox, Irex, Súper Max, San Luis y Volga, said the ministry. The samples collected were submitted to the  Laboratorio Costarricense de Metrología to check the weight.

In some labels the lot number was not specified. That is an important bit of information if there is a problem later on with the product.

Costa Rican laws and decrees are specific about the type of information that must be on retail products, including detergents. There are 14 specific items of information that must be contained on a detergent label, including country of origin.

Three samples did not have a list of the product chemicals on the label, the ministry said.

The eight omissions were found on packages of eight different brands. Four packages did not state the production lot number, the ministry said.

Firms that has deficient packages were Procter &Gamble Interamericana de Costa Rica Ltda., Henkel Costa Rica Ltda., Unilever de Centro America, Corp. De Compañias Agroindustriales CCA. S.A. and Distribuidora Montelimar, said the ministry report.

Investigators found that all of the products were priced correctly. They said they issued letters to the distributors and the supermarkets where deficient labels were found.

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