Dry weather likely to stick around until Thursday or Friday

There is a good chance that clear but windy weather will stick around until Friday.

Both the Instituto Meteorological Nacional and the Weather Underground, Inc., A.M. Costa Rica’s weather service, agree on this point.

The weather institute said that there will be low humidity in the first days of the week with little rain. In the second half of the week the humidity will increase with the possibility of rain on the Caribbean coast and on the Pacific coast. The Central Valley probably will receive influences from both coasts, it said.

The Weather Underground notes that there is dry weather over the Gulf of México and that a cold front there is moving eastward and weakening.

There is a low pressure area south of Panamá that will mean light showers and thunderstorms that may reach Costa Rica.

This Weather Underground predicts dry weather until Friday. The weather institute in Barrio Aranjuez is a little less certain and says there may be rain Thursday in the Central Valley.

Although this is supposed to be the rainy season, Costa Ricans were suffering under bright sun in the Central Valley Monday. Many were complaining about the heat, which is typical when there is not a protection of clouds.

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