Expat moms here always get two mother’s days each year

Being an expat mom in Costa Rica is a good deal. There are two holidays for mothers. The two countries in the north celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday. That’s is why the inboxes on most computers are filled with spam offering flowers, perfumes and other appropriate gifts.

But Costa Rica does not celebrate the day until Aug. 15, which also is the Roman Catholic feast day of the Assumption of Mary. This is a wildly commercial time, too, when stores jack up prices of gift items.

The mother has a special place in the Costa Rican family, which is why the Día de la Madre is a legal holiday. This year it falls on a Thursday, and one can speculate that there will be many five-day weekends and an excuse to take Mom to the beach.

Plenty of Costa Rica mothers would skip the restaurant meal in favor of remaining the boss of her kitchen for her day. The irony is that many mothers will be putting on a full meal for the family and visiting relatives that day. Still, restaurants will present all sorts of promotions to bring in the families.

If mom has a job, the boss will have to pay her double if she works Aug. 15. Another irony is that many mothers who work in restaurants will have to be on the job that day to serve Aug. 15 meals.

There are no such economic benefits like double time up north. Canadians share the same day with those in the United States.

The day also is special for A.M. Costa Rica. The newspaper made its first appearance online Aug. 15, 2001.

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