Fire fighters preparing for the certainty of flooding

Looking very much like a synchronized swim team, Costa Rican fire fighters participate in training designed to help them rescue persons trapped in urban floods. Cuerpo de Bomberos photo

Tuesday and Wednesday gave proof that the country is well within the rainy season. Further evidence is that fire fighters are in training to effect urban rescues during flooding.

The latest course was this week at the Academia de Bomberos in Miramar. Some 24 fire fighters participated as did two from Nicaragua.

The trainees, of course, learned water rescue techniques but also the use of lines and other devices to bring flood victims out of the water.

They also learned how to use their equipment that includes a life vest, a helmet, a whistle and boots. Water rescue is just one of many courses given at the academy, but this training will certainly be tested as the rains develop.

Each year flooding rivers inundate Costa Rican communities. Fire fighters and their heavy trucks are called in to rescue stranded persons and perhaps to save those being carried away by flooding.

The Cruz Roja also has a water safety organization that is equipped with boats and other rescue devices as do local emergency committees.

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