Foreign minister sees visit as recognition of country

White House photo Enrique Castillo with the Obamas

For Costa Rican officials the visit of U.S President Barack Obama represents the recognition of the country as a model of democratic development.

That is the view of the foreign minister,  Enrique Castillo.

The meeting with Obama is a great opportunity to establish new ways of cooperation for prosperity and economic growth  in an inclusive and integrated manner, said Castillo.

The foreign minister also said that the visit shows the renewed interest of the United States in Latin America and that Costa Rica is in the central point.

Castillo presided at a press conference Tuesday. A short time later his Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto distributed a photo of him with the U.S. president and Ms. Obama that was taken at a United Nations meeting elsewhere.

Obama is here to attend the summit of the Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana. He also will meet with President Laura Chinchilla.

Castillo added that economic development cannot take place without citizen security, and he cited drug trafficking, human trafficking and organized crime as factors affecting the well being of citizens.

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