Four persons detained to face cocaine charges

The capture of a boat carrying 381 kilos of cocaine off the coast of Ecuador last Feb. 23 triggered four arrests in Costa Rica Wednesday.

A U.S. Navy ship, the “Gary,” stopped the boat named the “Anzuelo” and detained three persons who remain in jail. according to the Poder Judicial.

Prosecutors and the Policía Control de Drogas conducted 6 a.m. raids Wednesday morning in Tárcoles de Garabito;  El Huerto, Puntarenas;  Barrio 20 de Noviembre, Puntarenas;  Llano Bonito de Golfito;  Sabanilla de Montes de Oca, and San Jerónimo de Moravia. Also raided were two boat yards in Golfito.

The security ministry said that three men and a woman were detained on allegations that they were involved in the ring. In fact, the ministry identified one of the persons detained Wednesday as the leader.

According to the Poder Judicial, the ring transported cocaine from South America to Costa Rica with the goal being the United States. The ring also provided fuel at sea for drug boats going north, the Poder Judicial said.

The ring operated three boats, including the “Anzuelo,” cars and a motorcycle, said anti-drug agents.

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