Gringos throw in the towel over problems with business

The article [on ease of doing business] hit the nail right on the head. Four different Gringos (two of them personal friends) in the past year have thrown in the towel between :

1.   Mass confusion on taxes;
2.  Serious delays in issuance of concessions (old story in CR — supposed to happen four years ago);
3.  Employees;
4.  Negating value of liquor license and San José running the show — increasing the monthly lease amount by 20fold;
5.  Crooked attorneys and notaries – oh mi dios!!, and
6.  Every month more problems with municipality and fees — no help in sight.

And those are some of the good things: One of my friends in San José was forced to spend in the area of $300,000 to bring his place of business “up to code.” Three other similar Tico-owned establishments were in shambles within 100 yards, and no one said a word. The “inspectors/police” never stopped at the Tico establishments only his, wanting money, believe it or not.

Panama looking better and better. Other than that, the sun is up the surf is moderate. All three dogs think I am a good guy, and  later the beer will be very cold. Pura vida!!!

Dan Gibson
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