Jo Stuart demonstrates her ultra-liberal mind set

I would like to submit the following piece for your online paper in response to Jo Stuart’s Friday piece: 

Once again Jo’s rant against religion betrays her ultra-liberal mind set.  Why do liberals have such contempt for Christianity which, in my opinion is the real target of her loathing in her Friday piece? Think, for instance, how the “Statist,” or those that subscribe to the idea that government is the means to utopia (e.g., the old USSR), have tried to remove the “under God” from the Pledge and the Ten Commandments from the courtrooms and schools.   The government has never been nor will it ever be an ally to Judeo-Christian values. In fact, they cannot coexist.  This is why the writers of The Constitution sought the protection of religion from government itself in the very first amendment creating a separation of (not from) religion.  This amendment is just intolerable to the liberals (that call us intolerable).

She confuses religion with the Christian faith.  Indeed, there were so called “religious wars” as happened with the crusades.  The hordes that participated can hardly have been called Christian though they may have carried banners to that effect.  Those joining were no more Christian than the keyboard I’m using to write this piece. Ignorant and covetous, these folks were more interested in winning instant access to heaven and riches promised by the head of an institution (could not have been a church which by definition is the assembly of true believers) than in “defending” the Holy Land.  Many a poor soul lost their lives never having really attained real salvation through Christ…and through Christ alone.

Jo goes on to paint ancient pagan religions as superior to Christianity.  Her insinuation that they just sought peace with nature and “caring for the planet” is absurd.  Their own wars and vile behavior aside, consider their child-sacrifice (Spartans), or human sacrifice (Aztecs).

Heaven is also mistreated by her pen.  Note that for the Christian the true bliss, the true heaven, is not just a locality.   While there is indeed a place called Heaven, what makes it heavenly is our Lord’s presence there.  Thus the ultimate reward for the Christian is to be where God is.  The Bible says it better “To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.” 2 Cor 5:8

One more thing regarding Christianity, why does she focus on these negative aspersions when there is vastly much more good?  Imagine all the charity that has been possible across the ages and in every continent thanks to “religion.”  Miss Jo Stuart’s butterfly wings have likely been performing the good deeds of a great neighbor and been kind and good in many ways this past year no doubt, but her actions will never measure up to the level of what the charitable organizations have done in Costa Rica in a single day in the name of Christ.

To question the Christian “religion” is to question Jesus Christ; to have contempt for Christianity is to have contempt of Jesus Christ. Talk to him about your hatred of His church. You take it up with him; therefore, leave me be!

As with Christianity and the First Amendment; so with the gun laws and the left’s contempt against the Second Amendment; these two amendments are vexatious to our Statist friends.  Just note one thing, and I’m done. Isn’t it funny that the very institution that the Second Amendment was created to protect us from (i.e., the government) is the one that is trying to undermine its very existence by watering it down with their own definitions etc.?

Randall Aguilar
Flower Mound, Texas
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