Joke about Heaven found appreciation in Escazú

Bravo to Mark Sydney in his “Make Sure You Tiptoe Pass Door 17” because “That’s Born-Again Christian Heaven. Let them think they’re the only ones up here.”  That is certainly good for a laugh!

I have a blind belief in nothing, including the New Testament written by men and commissioned by Emperor Constantine 300 years after the death of Jesus.  Some people don’t believe in narrow dogma or any dogma at all, myself being one of them.  It is still hard to believe in this day and age that there are many who do!   Even those who are well educated and exposed to other ways of thinking.   (Anyone against power, control, and brainwashing?!!)

Anyway, we all have a right to our opinions and this is mine.  I’m sure some will strongly disagree with me.  They are entitled to their opinions, also, and when I die I will be sure to tiptoe past Door 17!

Marlene Summers
San Antonio de Escazú
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