Judge held in assassination attempt of her boss in Pococí

The case of the attempted murder of a judge seems like something from a television show.

Judicial investigators said that a judge in Pococí used intermediaries to hire hit men to do away with her boss. Agents said she feared she would be fired for less than adequate performance.

This is the theory that led to the arrest of the judge Wednesday. The judge, who sat on an appeals tribunal has the last name of  Córdoba.

The shooting was well publicized. The crime took place last December when Jorge Paisano Saborío, 45, was driving to his office. Gunmen opened up from a nearby car. They missed him and put bullets into the driver’s seat. At the time theshooting appeared to be something orchestrated by some crook unhappy with a legal decision by the judge.

The case shocked the Poder Judicial. Almost immediately after the arrest, Zarela Villanueva Monge, acting president of the  Corte Suprema de Justicia, suspended Ms. Córdoba from judicial duties. She would be unable to exercise them anyway being in jail.

Then the court president announced that a disciplinary procedure would be started against the woman. This is the beginning of an effort to remove someone from a job.

Five other persons also were detained this week including three men that judicial agents identified as the gunmen. The investigation generated leads based on a description of the vehicle used by the gunmen and from employees in the Pococí judicial building.

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