La Penca survivor will share his experiences in San Carlos

Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of the La Penca bombing that killed three newspeople and injured many more at a Contra rebel jungle camp in Nicaragua.

The day has become the Día Nacional del Periodista in Costa Rica. One of those who died was Linda Frazier, a reporter for The Tico Times and wife to the Costa Rican bureau chief for The Associated Press. Two Costa Rican Canal 7 camera operators and a rebel also died.

The location was just north of Costa Rica on a tributary of the Río San Juan.

In San Carlos Thursday Nelson Murillo, a survivor of the bombing, will speak at 2 p.m. at the regional center of Tecnológico de Costa Rica. He will be sharing his experiences and views with students there and the public, said the university.

This was during the time that the United States was attempting to oust the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua on the claim that he was a puppet of Moscow. The Cold War continued to rage. Some accused the United States for wanting to silence Pastora. U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica also were accused of complicity. Many years passed until what seems to be the truth came out. A Sandinista sympathizer and La Penca survivor came forward in 2009 to accuse the Ortega regime.

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