Most of country continues in the grip of a dry spell, but that may change today

The entire country except the central and south Pacific is in the midst of a drought that ranged from 20 to 50 percent less precipitation than normal from January to April.

That is the word from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional, which also noted that the drought is more than a year old. The hardest hit areas are the north Pacific with a rain deficit of 45 percent and the southern Caribbean where the deficit is 40 percent. The northern zone has faced a deficit of 35 percent, and in the Central Valley there has been 20 percent less rain than normal, said the institute.

The dry spell continues with cloudy skies in the Central Valley but little rain.
That may change this week. The Weather Underground, A.M. Costa Rica’s weather service, predicts 70 to 80 percent chance of rain for the entire week. Still, there was supposed to be heavy downpours Sunday in the Central Valley, but these storms did not materialize.

The weather institute still is predicting a shortage of rain in the southern Caribbean through July. Weather experts estimated 15 percent.

Elsewhere the prediction is for from 5 to 10 percent more rain than normal, said the institute.

The institute is predicting 825 millimeters of 32.5 inches total rainfall through July for the Central valley and 1,390 millimeters or 54.75 inches for the south Pacific.

This week, the institute reported, there is unstable weather with humidity coming into the country from the oceans. There was storm activity Sunday all the south Pacific coast and also the central Pacific.

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