Muslims seem a bit more liberal on who gets to go to Heaven

The article on, “Most Muslims would embrace sharia law in their countries,” seems to have one commonality between Christians and Muslims, although Muslims seem more open that people of other religions can also get to heaven.

“More than half (Muslims) say other religions can lead to eternal life in Heaven. That’s compared to 96 percent of Egyptian Muslims and 92 percent of Pakistani Muslims, and overwhelming majorities in other countries, who say Islam is the only true religion.”

I have yet to find a Born Again Christian I know who has said that I have a chance of going to Heaven, because I am not a Christian. So half of the Muslim population that thinks you can only go to heaven if you are a Muslim are on the same wavelength as many Christians regarding their beliefs. I have been told time and again, by Christian friends and other Christians, the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as my savior. At least it appears Muslims are more tolerant when it comes to this topic.

I remember when my wife was dying of brain cancer, her mother told me, one time in the emergency area of a hospital, I was an outstanding, loving and caring husband and couldn’t have been better helping my wife deal with her cancer. In the next sentence she said, she was sorry that I wouldn’t be seeing my wife in Heaven because I was not a Christian. I then explained to her that her daughter, my wife, wasn’t either. My mother-in-law was quite disappointed. It then got worse. Her other daughter, my sister-in-law who was there also, told her that she was not a Christian either. Right after that my daughter (her granddaughter) said, “Grandma, I am not a Christian either. I guess you will be all alone in heaven cause none of us are going to heaven cause we aren’t Christians.”

According to some examples from the Jewish Torah, it talks about Gehenna (a kind of hell) as a place of punishment for those who lead an immoral life. However, the time a person’s soul could spend in Gehenna was limited to 12 months, and the rabbis maintained that even at the very Gates of Gehenna a person could repent and avoid punishment (Erubin 19a). After being punished in Gehenna, a soul was considered pure enough to enter Gan Eden (Heaven). Most other beliefs or religions discuss reincarnation and that we are reincarnated until we practice unconditional love on our planet, then we enter enlightenment. More new age thinking is that we live in many probable realities all at the same time and that there is no Heaven or Hell. This is congruent with some of the theories of quantum physics like the M theory, which also discusses living in a number of different dimensions all at the same time.
Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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