Parents counting on meeting to firm up plans for next year

Parents in Guanacaste who are trying to preserve the Country Day School there said they think that an 8 a.m . meeting today will be critical to the institution’s future.

The parents involved call themselves the  Country Day School Guanacaste Transition Team. The goal is to create a non-profit organization to run the school with an elected board. The group said that this would provide much better represents the values of the parents and the community.

The big problem is money. As a news story  reported Thursday, the group needs $500,000 in addition to tuition for the coming year. About half of that amount has been pledged, the group said.

Woodson Brown, who said Tuesday he was turning over control to the group, said in a letter published today that the school was in the read for all but one of its 13 years.

The meeting today in the school’s cafeteria will seek to confirm student enrollment for the coming year and also financial pledges. The school is in Brasalito on the northern Pacific coast.

The parent group ha setup an email address for inquiries.

An email form the transition team said this about today’s meeting;

“The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that EVERYONE in the Guanacaste Community has his or her questions and concerns heard and addressed in order to make an informed decision. Based on the feedback and support received at the meeting, a final decision will be made in the following days as to whether the school will open for the 2013-14 school year.”

As has been reported, the unique aspect of the school is that it is accredited by the U.S. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This gives graduates a better chance to enter top U.S. schools.

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