Poás attracts scientific attention with a bubbling eruption

Volcán Poás acted up last week, but the event was overlooked by most of the media because of the anticipated arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama.

However, park guards were on hand to take photos of the small eruption in the crater’s acid lake.

That was Wednesday. The scientists at the Red Sismológica Nacional thought enough of the event to descend into the crater Friday to take samples of the water in the crater lake and to take measurements of the principal crack that is emitting steam and other vapors.

There was no indication that this is the volcano’s preparation for a full-scale eruption. In fact, the volcano has sent geysers of water far higher than the rim of the nearly 1,000-foot deep crater. These events are real surprises to onlookers, who are pm the overlook.

Results of the scientific hike to the crater lake are not available yet, but there is no indiction that access to the popular tourist spot will be restricted.

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