Rains might be moving into Central Valley, but that’s not all bad

There is an 80 percent chance of rain today in the Central Valley, according to the Weather Underground, A.M. Costa Rica’s meteorological service. And there are thunderstorms forecast at least through Monday, the privarte firm said.

The probability of rain is around 50 percent from Saturday through Monday, the firm said

This could be good news for farms and ranchers who have been struggling with unseasonably dry weather.

The Atlantic hurricane season still is three weeks away and there are no indications of developing storms there.

Guanacaste is typically brown now, and farmers elsewhere are hoping irrigation effort, if any, will save their crops.

The lack of rain also have caused distress for the country’s electrical power generator, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Reservoirs that supply
the water for hydro plants are dangerously low, and the utility is relying more and more on costly petroleum-fired generation.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional  in its Thursday forecast agreed that humidity is building over the country and that the rainy season is consolidating over the Central Valley.

The northern Pacific coast still is in the grip of the dry season, and the seasonal change is not expected until the last half of the month, said the weather agency.

Of course, as is typical, mornings will be hot and humid to provide the thermal necessities for afternoon thundershowers.

There was light rain in San José last night, and a mist lingered in some areas until after midnight.

`of course with thunderstoms comes the danger of lightning and electrical damage to electronic equipment.

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