Two neighbors held in home invasion murder of elderly woman

Judicial agents detained two neighbors Sunday in the home invasion murder of a 73-year-old woman Thursday.

The crime took place Thursday in El Carmen de Goicoechea north of San José, The two suspects, 26 and 27, attracted police attention because they were selling goods stolen from the woman’s home in the community. Agents said they recovered everything that had been stolen except for a 14-inch television.

The dead woman was Ana María Rivera Acuña. She was found in the kitchen of her home bound hands and feet.

Death was attributed to asphyxiation.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the woman had been surprised by crooks forcing their way in through the back door of her home. The door shows signs of being forced. Behind the home is a wooded area through which agents believe the intruders approached the home out of sight of possible passers-by.

The two male neighbors who are held were frequent passers-by themselves, agents said. Agents detained one man Saturday morning and the second Saturday night, they said.

Agents said they were concerned because the stolen goods had been sold to persons in the community at low prices and that purchasing such obviously stolen goods contributed to more such crimes.

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