U.S. citizen spent four months as a fugitive

Charles Espina

Judicial agents captured A 55-year-old U.S. citizen Tuesday after his photo showed up among a batch of fugitives that the Judicial Investigating Organization had distributed.

He was identified as Charles Espina, who faces a 12-year sentence for paying for sex with minors, according to the agency.

Agents located Espina in Los Yoses at noon. Agents said he had been a fugitive for about four months.

He was located due to a call to a confidential judicial telephone number, they said.

Under the Costa Rican system, a trial court sentence usually is appealed and many times the person who has been convicted remains free until the appeals court makes a decision. For that reason, the Judicial Investigating Organization had circulated the photos of 15 fugitives, including Espina.

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