Watercolor expert featured in new show near Liberia

A watercolor featuring a herd is called Casi, casi medio día or “Almost, almost midday.”

Watercolorist Juan Carlos Camacho will be the featured artist in a show that opens Saturday in Liberia.

The show is titled “Tiempos,” said the Hidden Garden Art Gallery  which is hosting the event.

Camacho specializes in works that show contrast, detail and sometimes depicts ambiguity. Born in Heredia, Camacho studied drawing and painting from his high school years at Conservartorio Castella through his tenure at the University of Costa Rica, where he obtained a degree in drawing, painting, and architecture.

With participation in over 70 exhibitions throughout Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Mexico, Columbia, and the U.S., Camacho has received more than 20 awards.

“I have no specific preference for any kind of art or style,” said Camacho,” and I like having artistic authenticity, expression and impact. I am inspired by the simple act of painting for painting’s sake, and have the feeling to be free with the simple stroke of a brush.” When asked about his favorite artist, Camacho recognizes the talents of many artists, but in particular American-born Andrew Wyeth for his great skill in the use of space, the peculiarities of his compositions, his mastery of various techniques, and the boldness of his brush strokes.

Having an intense background in architecture, Camacho stresses that the two disciplines of art and architecture are mixed, always present, and compliments the other. “Most of my paintings have been done in watercolor technique, which I consider a technique of great dignity, allowing unlimited spontaneity, but involving risk and no room for error. For me, that is the big challenge,” he said.

Over time Camacho has adapted an ability to identify, read, and feel the reason or subject for painting, whether it is the intense play of light and shadow, the drama of a landscape, or perhaps the unnoticed detail. He displays the possibilities are endless, and said he finds it of utmost importance to organize and study every goal in a subject, one at a time, to create a series.

A typical Costa Rica home is titled Cuando crecen las sombras or When the Shadows Grow.”

The show opens at 10 a.m. Saturday and runs until 4 p.m. at the gallery 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber Airport. More information is available athiddengarden@thevanstonegroup.com.

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