Worker at turtle refugee assassinated near Limón

Five men ambushed an environmentalist near Moín late Thursday and carried him off to execution.

The dead man, a Costa Rican, was identified by the last name of Mora by the Judicial investigating Organization. He was 26 and involved in the turtle refugee that is maintained on the beach in that area.

Judicial agents said that Mora was in a vehicle accompanied by three U.S. woman and a Spanish veterinarian. They were traveling to observe and provide help to the turtles. It is not unusual to work with turtles and patrol the beach in the night.

The vehicle was intercepted between  Barra de Matina and Moin because someone blocked the road with a tree trunk. When Mora got out of the car he was confronted by the five men, agents said.

The women were taken to an abandoned home. Mora was taken elsewhere. Later the women realized that the two men guarding them had left, so they walked to get help.

Mora was found about 6 a. m Friday by the side of the road with a bullet in his head.

Protecting turtles is controversial in that area because there is along tradition of killing the protected creatures for food and taking the eggs for sale. However, agents have not yet linked the murder to the work at the refugee.  But there have been other incidents there.

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