Zoological center announces birth of twin deer in Santa Ana

Fundación Pro Zoológicos photo
One of the newborn white tailed deer.

Two white-tailed deer have been born in captivity in Santa Ana.

That was the announcement Tuesday by the Fundación Pro Zoológicos that operates the Centro de Conservación de Santa Ana. and also the Parque Zoológico Nacional Simón Bolívar in north San José.

The foundation said that the young deer were in good health and taking mother’s milk normally. These are the same animal that is featured on the reverse of the 1,000-colon banknote. And it is the same animal that lives closely with humans in the eastern United States.

They are found in the wilds in Costa Rica but are frequently staked by illegal hunters.

The new arrivals look identical to Bambi of the Walt Disney movie. Both parents also are residents of the center.

The foundation made the announcement because it wants people to visit. The location in Santa Ana is 200 meters west and 200 meters north of the Cruz Roja in Santa Ana. The center is open every day, and there is an admission.

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